Cloud Computing

TeqData Engineers are experienced to provide Cloud based solution for your business needs. We can provide best estimates and services for cloud based platforms.

Cloud computing enables companies and applications, which are system infrastructure dependent, to be infrastructure-less. By using the Cloud infrastructure on “pay as used and on demand”, all of us can save in capital and operational investment.

TeqData provides Virtualization:

Virtual workspaces:
An abstraction of an execution environment that can be made dynamically available to authorized clients by using well-defined protocols, Resource limits, Software configuration

Implement on Virtual Machines (VMs):
Abstraction of a physical host machine, Hypervisor intercepts and emulates instructions from VMs, and allows management of VMs, VMWare, Xen, etc.

Provide infrastructure API:
Plug-ins to hardware/support structures.

The Business can achieve the following benefits using Cloud:

• Using high-scale/low-cost providers

• Any time/place access via web browser

• Rapid scalability; incremental cost and load sharing

• Can forget need to focus on local IT